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Commercial Insurance Solutions

Comprehensive Business Insurance Tailored for Every Industry

In a world where business risks are as varied as the industries themselves, RSAM stands as a beacon of security and assurance. We understand that each business carries its own set of challenges and demands specific attention.
That's why our approach at RSAM is not just about providing insurance; it's about crafting a safety net that is as unique as your business.

No business is without risk, whether you run a small commercial enterprise or operate a multi-national corporation. The key to managing your risk, is to partner with an insurer that understands the risks inherent in your particular field of business, to provide a risk management solution to meet your specific insurance requirements.

We cover...

Assets Cover

Accidental Damage
All Risk
Business All Risk
Buildings combined
Electronic Equipment
Household Contents
House owners
Machinery Breakdown
Motor Traders
Office contents

Consequential Loss

Accounts Receivable
Business interruption
Deterioration of stock following Machinery Breakdown
Loss of profits following Machinery breakdown
Fedility Gaurentee (Theft by employees)

Injury Insurance

Group personal accident
Stated benefits


Directors and Officers Liability
Employers liability
Employment Practices Liability
Public Liability


Goods in transit within the Republic of South-Africa
Goods in transit outside the Republic of South Africa
Single load transit

Personalized Risk Management for Diverse Business Models:

Our approach focuses on gaining a deep understanding of your business model to provide risk management solutions that are specifically tailored to mitigate your unique risks efficiently.

Extensive Insurance Coverage for All Your Business Needs:

Our insurance offerings span a broad spectrum, ensuring protection from both natural and man-made hazards. Whether it’s a natural disaster or theft, RSAMis committed to shielding your business assets so that you can focus on what matters most!

Sector-Specific Insurance for Targeted Protection:

We understand that different industries may require different coverages. RSAM’s sector-specific insurance policies are crafted to address your business’s unique risks, providing the precise coverage that your business needs.

Key Features:

As a business owner you value your employees and their contribution to the success of your business. We provide the necessary personal accident cover in the unfortunate event of an employee getting injured at work.

Most businesses rely heavily on computers and electronic equipment for the smooth running of a business. This cover protects your valuable electronic equipment.

Sometimes your business is vulnerable to extraordinary events or circumstances that you simply could not have foreseen, like a shelf collapsing. With RSAM you’re covered for those extraordinary events under this section.

Fire damage is a real threat to business property as it can spread quickly and result in serious damage. We offer cover against damage to your business and even include extinguishing costs, as well as architects’ and other professional fees.

Not being covered for employee theft is a risk no business can afford to take. This cover protects you against theft and fraud by employees.

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